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Application Field of Flat Screen Printing Machine


As is known to us, Flat Screen Printing Machine has evolved from the traditional printing technology, completely replacing and changing the ancient printing method. Today, the screen printing machine is very versatile and involves many industries. Completely integrated into our lives.

Products printed on screen printers can be found everywhere around our lives, such as automotive glass, home appliance glass, and home appliance trademarks. As long as it is a flat screen printing, it can be done with a screen printing machine, and the application industry is very extensive. Of course, there are many ways to achieve it, but I am sure that the use of screen printing machines is the most cost-effective, whether it is traditional industries or emerging industries.

If you don't know very well, you can use the following example to quickly understand the use of screen printing machines. If I have a company that specializes in manufacturing and producing home appliance glass (doors and windows, kitchen and bathroom, electrical appliances), the silk screen printing process is different for each product. Because the application scenarios of each glass product are different, so do some processing when you want to screen. For example, some people like transparent door and window glass, while others like opaque glass. In this case, it is necessary to produce printing, coloring, etc. according to the characteristics of the product.

Of course, as far as the screen printing machine application industry is concerned, I will not introduce it in detail here. I have sorted out some products that often require silk screen printing. I believe everyone will be clear at a glance. Applications: LCD glass, lens glass, illuminating sheet, sheet glass, mobile phone lens, display panel, panel, nameplate and acrylic film, touch screen, light guide plate, TV, circuit industry, electronic industry, single, double sided, multi-layer Circuit board, PCB board, liquid green oil, flash sheet, flexible circuit board, flexible circuit, membrane switch, IMD, IML, self-adhesive, thermal transfer film, trademark, label, nameplate, etc.

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Cleaning Information about Hot Air Stenter

Cleaning Hot Air Stenter properly help to extend service life of machines. I would like to introduce some cleaning information for you below.

All the printing and dyeing company wants to make full use of stenters and maintain high evaporation efficiency. Once the equipment is put into use, it's the manufacturer's own business.

One of the defects of common stenters is the decrease of efficiency caused by the clogging of the cotton dust filter. During each operation, the cotton dust and other impurities filtered out from the circulating air system of drys gradually accumulate, generate resistance, reduce the pressure of the air vent, and thus decrease the evaporation efficiency.

At present, many dryers and heat treatment equipment are still using a plug-in filter. If they do not open the door of the drying room, the machines cannot be cleaned. Because the cleaning of the filter and the re-heating of the drying room will waste time, it will have a bad impact on the production efficiency of the equipment.

The double-filter system introduced in the data about 6 years ago is a big step forward. This device is installed outside of the machine and can be taken out without opening the drying room door. It can be cleaned without stopping the machine. When the filter is pulled out, the other filter automatically replenishes the position. The pressure still decreases due to the accumulation of cotton flock, which means the efficiency will also be reduced.

Printing manufacturers understand that although cotton flock is removed and a basic cleaning is carried out on each shift, the filter screen will gradually become clogged and therefore require frequent thorough cleaning. Above all, the filter screen must be removed and cleaned with detergent by a high-pressure cleaning device.

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Flat Screen Printer with Screen Printing Technology

As a matter of fact, there are so many printing industries using Flat Screen Printer for printing, which is determined by the characteristics of screen printing.

The product printed by the screen printing machine has a strong three-dimensional effect

Due to the characteristics of the ink used in the printing of the screen printing machine, the thickness of the ink layer is relatively high. Therefore, compared with other printing methods, the products printed by the screen printing machine will make people look more stereoscopic. In particular, ink printing on some of the more detailed parts is likely to be blurred and unclear if printed by other methods. But if you print it with a screen printer, it can be clearly presented. Moreover, screen printing can be printed not only in solid colors but also in various colors.

In addition, the use of silk screen printing products display color is obvious

Screen printer printing has many types of inks, and other pigments can be used. Therefore, the Flat Screen Printing Machine has a relatively light-resistant feature. And because he prints a lot of colors, it is like printing billboards that can be placed on objects that are displayed outdoors for people to use.

Since the frame printed by the screen printing machine can be specified, the screen printing machine can print larger products than other printing methods, which is a very good advantage compared to other printing methods. Because of this, screen printing machine printing has a larger printing range in the printing industry. This is a very good advantage for development.

Screen printing has a remarkable feature with significant advantages over other printing methods. So it has grown faster and faster in the printing industry. However, when printing, the printing method should be selected according to the advantages of various printing methods, which allow the entire printing industry to achieve balanced development and improve efficiency with high speed.

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Licheng Hot Air Stenter Setting Machine

We are located in Shengzhou, the hometown of Southeastern Yueju Opera in China and the hometown of “Saint of calligraphy” specializing in all kinds of printing and dyeing machinery. We are committed to improving energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products, and continuously introduce professional, technical personnel and advanced processing equipment including laser cutting, CNC punching, shearing, cutting, etc. The main features of our Hot Air Stenter are as follows:

1. Multiple Air Nozzles

In accordance with different fabrics, a total of multiple sets of air nozzles are designed, which are suitable for various manufacturers to ensure uniform floating effect and fabric setting effect.

2. The Man-machine Interface

The man-machine interface is used to operate the display screen, which is beautiful and elegant, equipped with a mobile console that integrates mechanical operation, speed and fault display.

3. Digital Monitoring System

We optimize the process parameters, control the temperature of the drying room, and use the filtrating screen, which is easy to maintain and is beneficial to the hot air circulation efficiency.

4. Double Air Duct Hot Air Circulation System

The high-efficiency and energy-saving double air duct hot air circulation system is adopted in the drying room. The upper and lower air flow can be set to any required ratio. The air flow is controlled by frequency conversion. The internal structure of the static pressure box adopts the design of independent intellectual property structure.

5. High Efficiency Turbo Fan

High-efficiency turbo fan can quickly cool the fabric after heating and setting, and stabilize the fabric in the best condition with the best cooling effect.

With the implementation of environmental protection policies, customers have higher requirements for equipment performance. Licheng R&D team pays more attention to perfect product details. According to the national standard for energy conservation and environmental protection, we invested heavily in talent introduction. Recently, we introduced a number of high-end professionals in qualitative machines, including two senior engineers from foreign top-setting machines, responsible for electric and machine respectively. Currently, our production capacity of Hot Air Stenter Setting Machine is high efficient and energy-saving with 180 sets of machines.

LiCheng is the leading manufacturer of high-end Flat Screen Printing Machine and hot air stenter machine. Our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises from all over the world in order to realize a win-win situation since the trend of economic globalization has developed with anirresistible force. If you interested in our products, please feel free contact any time:

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Different between Screen Printing and Digital Printing

What's Screen Printing

Screen printing is a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil.

Advantages of Screen Printing

  1. Highly cost-efficient process for bulk orders.
  2. Easy to print on specified areas.
  3. Huge range of printable fabrics such as wood, textiles, glass and more.
  4. Top-quality output.
  5. Long-lasting prints.

Screen printing is the ultimate option for designs that need a top level of vibrancy especially when printing on dark background or product. Used for larger orders, the dye colour in screen printing equipment is applied thicker than the digital printing that results in brighter colour even on darker shades.

What's Digital Printing

Digital printing is the process of printing digital-based images directly onto a variety of media substrates. There is no need for a printing plate, unlike with offset printing. It usually refers to professional printing where small-run jobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources are printed using large-format and/or high-volume laser or inkjet printers. Digital printing has a higher cost per page than more traditional offset printing methods.

Advantages of Digital Printing

  1. Easy to print various colours.
  2. Changeable data and personalisation options.
  3. Minimum set up costs.
  4. The design does not bump out.
  5. Good for short runs.

Digital printing is ideally suited on a light coloured base as the ink is applied thinner that enables the design to shine through.

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Sarting Frequency (Flat Screen Printer)


According to the survey, the starting frequency of the Flat Screen Printing Machine can’t be too high. Since the speed of the equipment is zero at the start of the machine. In the starting process, in addition to overcoming the load resistance torque, the electromagnetic torque overcomes the inertial masking of the rotating part. When the burden on the equipment is heavier than continuous operation, what effect will the startup frequency be too high? Let's take a look at it below.

If the pulse frequency is too high at start-up, the speed of the rotor will not keep up with the speed at which the stator magnetic field rotates, so that the position where the first step is completed is far behind the equilibrium position, and the rotor speed is not increased much in the subsequent steps, while the stator magnetic field is still It rotates forward at a speed proportional to the pulse frequency, so the distance between the rotor and the equilibrium position becomes larger and larger, and finally the step of the rotor falls outside the dynamic stability zone and the phenomenon of out-of-step or oscillation occurs, so that the motor cannot be started.

The starting frequency of various Flat Screen Printer is different. The engineers who focus on micro-stepping motor and stepping motor driver industrial control product program experts believe that the starting frequency should be determined according to the motor description data. Many high starting frequency motors are used. The dual voltage operation means that the starting moment changes from high voltage to low voltage, and the smaller the step size, the more suitable for high frequency starting, the larger the power, the more suitable for high-frequency operation.

From what have discussed above, the starting frequency should not be too high. When the flat screen printing machine starts, the frequency will be gradually increased.

LiCheng is the leading manufacturer of high-end Flat Screen Printing Machine and hot air stenter machine. Our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises from all over the world in order to realize a win-win situation since the trend of economic globalization has developed with anirresistible force. If you interested in our products, please feel free contact any time:

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Flat Screen Printing Machine (Operating Tips)

Flat Screen Printer uses a flat screen version and prints on a flat substrate, generally, the squeegee of which presses the plate horizontally and the machine changes the substrate through the plate. However, for many new customers, though we purchase it, we do not know how to use. Now, I would like to introduce the operation process to you.

In the process of using the machine, we need to be careful to avoid mechanical damage and electric shock all the time. Some tips are as follows.

First, clean the Flat Screen Printing Machine and workplace. Don’t place any objects on the worktable.

Second, check the screen version, and the four corners of the screen frame and the surrounding of the picture are sealed with a side back adhesive to avoid leakage during printing.

Third, prepare and set up fixtures according to product process requirements and technical specifications to confirm silk-screen.

Fourth, fix the frame on the clamp and adjust the distance between the substrate and the screen. The mesh distance is 4~10mm, depending on the size of the frame.

Fifth, lift the screen and place the substrate in the center of the table, roughly align with the printed pattern. Height of positioning should be the same as that of the substrate.

Sixth, regarding the position where the scraper is paused back and forth, the screen on the back must be taped to avoid scratching the mesh.

Seventh, when the plate of the screen printer is adjusted, we are supposed to pay attention to check the printing table. There should be no items such as tape on the screen so as to avoid deformation and damage of the net frame when the screen is pressed down.

Eighth, if the machine needs to stop urgently during operation, the front safety platen.

In order to avoid risks, above all, the operator must pass the training; the PE wire of the equipment is grounded; we must use a safe voltage of lighting; finally, the equipment should be regularly maintained and overhauled.

As a manufacturer of flat screen printer machinery, LiCheng focus on this area for many years, and we will devote more in future to improve our technology and machines. Getting our customers' satisfactory answer is the goal, We'd like you to get more from our website: https://www.hotairstenter.com/product/flat-screen-printing-machine.html and all relevant pictures and videos could be furnished upon your request.

Stability Performance of Rotary Screen Printing Machine

Many factors will affect the accuracy of Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine. Stability of the printing system should be paid attention to.

The Open Type Rotary Screen Printing Machine is the key equipment of the printing and dyeing factory and one of the important equipment for the coordination and unification of machinery and electric. The rotary screen printing machine is the equipment responsible for printing as its name suggests, and the printing precision is particularly important. However, there are many factors affecting the accuracy of rotary screen printing. As you know, the current rotary screen printing machine is a high combination of machinery and electric. The analysis of printing accuracy factors cannot be simply divided according to machinery and electric. Instead, the rotary screen printing should be considered as a system.

System stability cannot be ignored. For the leading or lagging problems, it is assumed that the conduction band runs at a constant speed, that is, the velocity of the conduction band at each time point is constant, to some extent, the problem of leading or lagging does not exist. The speed difference of the relative motion between the cylinder and the guide belt is constant, so that accurate printing can be achieved.

Otherwise, leading or lagging will appear so that there will be a change in the speed difference between the circular network and the guide belt resulting in the overall wrong registration. It is of great importance to understand this. Therefore, it is easy to explain why foreign rotary nets use high-power DC or servo motors to drag the conduction band in order to improve the stability of the conduction band. Sometimes, wrong registration of a certain printing machine speeds up and down, why the extension of the lifting speed can ease the time? Because it makes the speed of the rotary screen printing machine more stable in unit time.

Apart from these, the stability of Rotary Screen Printer also include air pressure, tension, slurry level, mechanical transmission fit clearance, lateral deflection of the guide belt, longitudinal elongation and so on, all of which will affect accuracy. Therefore, much work to be done to improve the stability of the rotary screen printing machine that from Zhejiang Licheng Group.

As a manufacturer of Flat Screen Printing Machine , LiCheng focus on this area for many years, and we will devote more in future to improve our technology and machines. Getting our customers' satisfactory answer is the goal, We'd like you to get more from our website: https://www.hotairstenter.com/ or click hotairstenterand all relevant pictures and videos could be furnished upon your request.

Why Purchase Flat Screen Printer from LiCheng

Zhejiang LICHENG Printing&Dyeing Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd is a scientific manufactory specialized in the Flat Screen Printing Machine and hot air stenter machine.

The flat screen printing machine works stably and the printing speed is up to 280 pieces per hour. With many years of experience in ink R&D and production, it is safe and environmentally friendly, and has passed many certifications to ensure lower cost in the future!

At present, the flat screen printing machine is sold at home and abroad. Advantages of our Flat screen printing machines are below.

Advantage 1: Digitalization of the whole process of printing

The flat screen printing machine does not need to be plated in advance, with digital printing in the whole process. Our production is fast and flexible as needed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Advantage 2: Change the pattern at any time

The flat screen printing machine is customized for printing, and the printing pattern can be modified at any time. The color, pattern and color matching are more flexible, and the designer's design concept and aesthetic concept can be fully displayed. If the customer is still not satisfied, the color can be modified at any time to ensure customer satisfaction.

Advantage 3: Green and environmental protection, high printing precision

The flat screen printing machine has a nozzle that controls the nozzle. In the part where dye is needed, the corresponding dye micro-dot is sprayed as needed, and the pattern is sprayed onto the cloth. The printing precision is high, and there is almost no problem with flower and color registration accuracy. The flower pattern and the number of sets of colors are all completed by direct printing.

Advantages 4: low-cost printing with small-lot

As mentioned above, the flat screen printing does not need to be plated in advance, and the pattern can be changed at will. Thus, the cost of printing in small batches is lower than that of the conventional printing process, so it has good value for money.

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LiCheng Flat Screen Printers' Advantages

A variety of machines can be used for printing fabrics. LiCheng Flat Screen Printing Machine is a quite common one described below.

Flat-screen printing machines can be manual, semi-automatic or completely automatic. One type of machine, which is still commonly found in printing houses, can be described as follows. The fabric is first glued to a moving endless belt. A stationary screen at the front of the machine is lowered onto the area that has to be printed and the printing paste is wiped with a squeegee. Afterward, the belt, with the fabric glued on it, is advanced to the pattern-repeat point and the screen is lowered again. The printed fabric moves forward step by step and passes through a dryer. The machine prints only one color at a time. When the first color is printed on the whole length of the fabric, the dried fabric is ready for the second cycle and so on until the pattern is completed.

Now, let me introduce advantages of Flat Screen Printing Machines for you.

All the colors are printed at the same time. A number of stationary screens are placed along the Flat Screen Printer machine. The screens are simultaneously lifted, while the textile, which is glued to a moving endless rubber belt, is advanced to the pattern-repeat point. Then the screens are lowered again and the paste is squeezed through the screens onto the fabric. The printed material moves forward one frame at each application and as it leaves the last frame it is finally dried and it is ready for fixation.

With regarding these machines, the continuous rubber belt, after pulling away from the fabric, is moved downward in continuous mode over a guide roller and washed with water and rotating brushes to remove the printing paste residues and the glue, if necessary. After this, the belt is sent back to the gluing device. In some cases, the glue is applied in liquid form by a squeegee, while in other machines the belts are pre-coated with thermoplastic glues. In this case, the textile is heated and then it is squeezed by a roller or simply pressed against the rubber-coated belt, causing the glue to soften and instantly adhere.

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How to Choose Flat Screen Printing Machine

Flat Screen Printing Machine equipment is also about the brand. The brand not only represents the corporate image, but also the symbol of product quality and the endorsement of the service. Good products must have a good brand, good reputation, and be recognized by the market. The choice of brand means the choice of the product and the choice of the corresponding market benefits. 1.Consider the needs of the company, reasonable price Before purchasing equipment, we must proceed from the actual needs, clear the approximate price, and have a range of choices. Generally speaking, high-tech enterprises have higher requirements on the quality of printed products, and the enterprises themselves are more tolerant. When purchasing equipment, they should be positioned at a higher level. Enterprises that are starting or developing should start from the reality and select economical and practical equipment on the basis of meeting the flat screen printing machine quality requirements, and use limited funds reasonably. 2. Learning Flat Screen Printer Manufacturers' Service The field of silk screen involves a lot of materials, and whether it can finally produce a satisfactory product is affected by many factors. Some companies have not known much about this, blindly purchased equipment, and finally the material supply is not available, resulting in a passive situation. Therefore, it is best to purchase equipment and equipment with complete equipment and equipment. There will be no mutual push between material suppliers and equipment suppliers, so that the problem can be solved smoothly. 3. After-sale Service After purchasing equipment, after-sales service is very important. How to judge whether a company can provide good after-sales service? Long-term partners, companies that can provide good services after other materials are sold, can be assured to buy from them. Companies that have not dealt with before, have to go and see for yourself. Understand the strength of the company, the working atmosphere and the mental outlook of the staff, the display of the equipment, etc., generally can see eight or nine points. One thing worth reminding is that you should not neglect the after-sales service for a little price difference, which will create many obstacles for normal production and use in the future. The professional Flat Screen Printing Machine Factory - LiCheng is known for providing innovative solutions for innovative flat screen printing machine equipment. We have a strong R&D team,and we can develop and produce Flat Screen Printer and Hot Air Stenter products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered. Welcome your visit.